El Camino de Leda

Giving new meaning to the Argentine northwestern culture through the language of contemporary art

A collective of self-convened artists working under two independent record labels called Fértil Discos (Buenos Aires) and Folcore Records (Barcelona), wants to pay tribute to Leda Valladares, a popular singer, musicologist and compiler of lost songs from the north of Argentina through musical reversions of her print work, a series of graphical pieces such as posters and cards.

Under the overarching title ‘El camino de Leda’, our goal is to intercross diverse disciplines like music and visual arts in order to create a new meaning of Leda’s career path, her walks across the valleys and ravines in the northwest of Argentina carrying her recorder, compiling and revealing the sound of the Earth.

Two independent labels working together.

Fértil Discos (Argentina) and Folcore Records (Spain) will be the project’s producers.

Both labels work in a similar line, but from a different perspective, although they also share a mission: to create more spaces for avant-garde ethnic-electronic fusion.