Crowdfunding El Camino de Leda

Thank your contribution, we’ll be able to make this project possible and traverse Leda’s walk again!

The estimated base budget for the full production of this project is $10,000.

By means of this crowdfunding campaign we’re hoping to raise $10,000 to cover a big part of the project’s investment and expenses such as:

  • Pre-production (digitalization)
  • Demo recordings.
  • Musical instruments and vocals recordings.
  • Mix, arrangements and post-production.
  • Audio mastering for digital recordings and vinyl phonograms.
  • Artistic and Executive Production.
  • Media, Communication and Community Management.
  • Art Direction and Graphic Design.
  • Programming, editing and management of record labels’ websites.
  • Vinyl phonograms manufacture.
  • Merchandising manufacture (postcards, t-shirts, stickers, etc.)
  • Digital and physical distribution of the works.
  • Advertisement and promotion.

Once the the project is released and after we have reached the audience through the corresponding physical and digital platforms, you will know your input has been a fundamental pillar in the production of this work and you will be pleased to know that you have collaborated in the retrieval of a musical tradition and the roots of the high Andean plateau culture and to manage to bring it closer to the 21st century audience through the current popular music prism: electronic music.


We would like to offer a quality product for collectors: Your collaboration is crucial